Arturo Palacios

Portfolio of New Media and Web Development

A professional web developer working with bleeding edge web technologies.

Welcome to my portfolio of New Media Design & Web Development. This website shows some of the things that I enjoy doing. I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Here, I went to BCIT (The British Columbia Institute of Technology) and graduated with distinction with a Senior Management Certificate in New Media Design and Web Development. Also, I have a bachelors in Multimedia Communications from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. In this website you will find some current and past projects and my approach during the process of development. These include Web Design and Development, Graphic Design, and Audio and Video Production.

Latest Projects

A list of projects and some details about my role, tools and frameworks that are used during the process of development. Also, some information about the content management systems that support some of these websites.

Reporting to the IT Manager, I am responsible for ongoing front-end web development and updating of our B to B site ( corpweb (corporate intranet site) as well as support development of consumer websites (,,,, when needed.
Provided production support on a variety of online projects, primarily being website design, content management/maintenance, and eMail Marketing.
Developed new company website. Customized, debugged and fixed compatibility issues. Foundation based on the Vertex framework from (Joomla 3).
Designed and built airshow website for Alpha Aviation Inc. Developed with Bootstrap and PHP. Designed and adjusted graphics and images with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Developed landing page for Alpha Mexico Network Power. Created with Bootstrap and Pardot forms.
Designed and developed new website and brand identity. Developed with Bootstrap, Sass and PHP. Graphic Design developed with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Built online store with Shopify ecommerce software. Created User Experience and developed Information Architecture for the website.
Created website content and user interface using a Bootstrap framework.
Developed website for a roofing company. Built with the Genesis framework from based on a WordPress Theme (WordPress).

Responsive Web Design

My approach to responsive design is mobile first. Building a website with a responsive web design (RWD) in mind is a fundamental part of the development process. With Google saying that there are more searches now on mobile than on desktop the need to create responsive web applications has become the best practice. Also, with so many devices connected to the internet it is a good strategy in order be prepared for future compatibility issues.

Process of Development

Ideally, the process of development for these projects starts with a clear understanding about the message, goal, or call to actions that we are trying to communicate to the user. This is to find a solution or to discover the best way to communicate a message. In order to achieve this, I divide this process in three phases, Planning (Lo-Fi Prototype), Design (Mid-Fi Prototype), and Development (Hi-Fi Prototype).

Three phases of design and development:

Phase 1
Planning (Low-Fi Prototype)

Plan the website creating sketches and paper wireframes. The idea is to explore a new UI (User Interface) using images, graphics or figures throughout the prototype.

Phase 2
Design (Mid-Fi Prototype)

Create a mockup of the UI (User interface) with pictures and graphics from the actual project. The idea is to follow the sketches previously planned and explored during Phase 1.

Phase 3
Development (Hi-Fi Prototype)

Develop the website using a framework such as Bootstrap or a CMS theme. Test UX (User Experience) and define CSS styles. Check browser compatibility for desktop & mobile.