Graphic Design

My approach to the design process starts with sketching ideas on paper. The goal is to brainstorm possibilities, to find multiple solutions, and to discover the best way to communicate the message. I divide this process in three phases, thumbnails, roughs, and production. Once the the final draft is approved I continue working on it until all the specifications are completed.

The Design Process:

Phase 1

Sketches and paper wireframes. The plan is to create new ideas. To explore new solutions to propose a concept.

Phase 2

A closer look to the final product. In this case a logo for my own branding AP. The goal is to blend the two initials.

Phase 3

A vectorized and final solution to the proposed idea. A concept that can be used and explore in further iterations.

Some Graphics Here and There...

Let Nature Inspare You
Poster (BCIT)

The goal is to create an interest about the museum as a source of inspiration for artists and the general public.

Find Inspiration in Nature
Poster (BCIT)

The message I am trying to convey is an interest for nature. My objective is to invite the public to visit the museum.

Taco Killer
Web and Restaurant Menu

This project approach two elements. The menu of a restaurant and a website. Click here for the complete proposal.