Web Development

Responsive design nowadays is a standard in the industry. There are tools and libraries that are well documented and maintained and are free. These tools help web designers to continue develop the web. In this section you will find a gallery where I used a very fun javascript library called Masonry to showcase some projects. This gallery shows some projects and websites that I developed and that in some cases I currently help to maintain.

Some Websites and More...

Developed corporate website www.alpha.ca/
Joomla 3.4

Developed airshow website www.boundarybayairshow.com
Bootstrap 3, PHP

Developed Landing Page www.alphapower.mx
Bootstrap 3

Maintained website 2015 - 2016: www.czbb.com
Joomla 2.5

Developed and maintain website: www.bacalarlagoonresort.com
Bootstrap 4, Sass, PHP

Developed and maintain website: www.magnumroofingltd.com
Bootstrap 3, PHP

Developed and maintain website: www.californiaroofingltd.com

Developed and maintain website: www.enjoythepartyisi.com

Maintained website 2015 - 2016: www.alpha.ca
Joomla 2.5

Developed flash website 2008: arturopalacios.ca/masvideoweb/
HTML, Flash

Infographic About Oil Spills: arturopalacios.ca/five-major-oil-spills-in-history/

Developed flash flash website 2009: arturopalacios.ca/barcelonatapasweb/
HTML, Flash

Mobile First

The need to create responsive web applications has become the best practice. With so many devices connected to the internet it is a need to adopt the idea that mobile goes first. Developing for mobile allows to invert the equation and create an inverted funnel effect. This lets us to add as much content as we need. After the structure of the information is created for the site, the information will be adapted to mobile and then expanded to the rest of the devices out there.